Getting Started with Test Driven Development in Java

Categories: Testing, Refactoring, TDD, Test Driven Development

Test-Driven Development is a test-first practice that drives the code through tests. It is a simple practice but not an easy practice.

  1. Quickly add a test.

  2. Run all tests and see the new one fail.

  3. Make a little change.

  4. Run all tests and see them all succeed.

  5. Refactor to remove duplication.

The details are what gets you. This presentation introduces you to Test Driven Development, how to get started, what modern tools are available, and the challenges you will face.

This presentation will cover:

  • What is TDD?

  • Benefits of TDD

  • How to TDD

  • Mocking

  • The Great TDD Debate

  • Opinions of TDD from Industry Leaders

  • JVM Testing Tools

  • JVM Testing Languages

  • Testing Static Calls

  • Updating Code