Do More with JReleaser

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Hey. Remember that time when we used to create jar or war files and we used to just ssh into a box and deploy on a single box? Well, it was simpler but also maybe that wasn’t that great of an idea. Time has certainly moved on, and our releases have become very advanced with very technical CI/CD pipelines, docker or debian packages, multi-purpose testing, producing signatures, perform security scans, perform releases, and then when you’re done tell the whole world about it. Whew! This presentation introduces JReleaser, a release platform for Java that does a multitude of chores for you.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Installing

  • Using JReleaser

  • Integration with Build Tools

  • Standard Defaults

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Artifacts

  • Continuous Integration

  • Performing Releases

  • Feeling Victorious