The Java Sessions: Reactive API

Categories: Java, Reactive, Flow, Flow API

Many have already seen what Reactive Streaming can do: RXJava, Akka Streams, Project Reactor. Now reactive streaming is a part of the canonical package for Java and now we can handle asynchronous pipelines with boundaries and make better well thought out applications

This session introduces you to the core components of Reactive Streams: Publisher, Subscriber, and Processor. We will discuss when to use Reactive Stream and how to avoid complicated scenarios like Backpressure. We will also cover some of the core problem spaces and how to overcome them. After understanding the core interfaces we will see how we use them with RXJava, Akka Streams, Reactor.

  • Flow API

  • Publisher

  • Subscriber

  • Subscription

  • Processor

  • Marble Diagrams

  • Libraries Committed to the Flow API

  • RxJava

  • Project Reactor

  • Akka Streams

  • Interacting between Libraries