Helm: Package Manager for Kubernetes and More

Categories: Kubernetes Helm Package Manager

Helm is excellent stuff. It is the package manager for Kubernetes and a way that you can package your Kubernetes YAML files and templatize them for reuse for either people in your organization or the public at large. Helm makes it super simple to deploy any major system with relative ease: find a repository, add the repository, and install your product. All Helm charts have a set of default values for everyday use cases, and it would be up to you to override the values you desire for your custom installation.

In this presentation, we will cover the following to get you going with Helm:

  • Installation of Helm

  • Adding a repository

  • Installing a chart

  • Upgrading and rolling back a chart

  • Installing a dependency or subchart

  • Creating charts

  • Helm Functions

  • Unit Testing

  • Deployment