Domain Driven Design

Categories: DDD, Domain Driven Design, Architecture
Course Length: 3 Days

Domain Driven Design has been one of the major cornerstones in large system design for many years. It has recently been in the zeitgeist as of late, especially when it comes to the terms bounded context and microservices. This 3-day class introduces you to Domain Driven Design, and why it is important. We will cover the design and pattern, discuss subdomains, context mapping, tools, and management

Our class will cover these important points:

  • Ubiquitous Language

  • Architecture

  • Cost

  • Design of Subdomains

  • Bounded Contexts

  • Aggregates

  • Entities

  • Value Objects

  • Services

  • Factories

  • Repositories

  • Events, Event Sourcing, and Event Storming

  • “Hey, this looks like Spring Boot Annotations!”

  • Security and DDD

  • Integration with Agile