Design Patterns in Java

Categories: Design Patterns Architecture Java
Course Length: 2 Days

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software was and still is a seminal book. It defined many of the patterns that we see over and over again in our development. Design Patterns give us a vocabulary to communicate design; Adapter, Bridge, Flyweight, Factory, and more. Most of these patterns are still used today, although some have taken on a slightly different form due to the advent of lambdas and functional programming

In this training, we cover most of the major patterns that we use today. For some of these patterns, we will apply a more modern approach.

  • Introduction

    • What are design patterns

    • Elements of a pattern

  • Introduction to UML

    • UML Defined

    • Classes

    • Relations and Attributes

    • Class Methods

    • Abstract and Interfaces

    • Dependencies and Generalizations

  • Software Development Techniques

    • Test Driven Development

    • Design by Contract

  • Creational Patterns

    • Factory Method Pattern

    • Builder

    • Singleton

    • Abstract Factory

  • Behavioral Patterns

    • State

    • Strategy

    • Chain of Responsibility

    • Command

    • Iterator

    • Template Method

    • Mediator

    • Memento

    • Observer

  • Structural Patterns

    • Adapter

    • Bridge

    • Composite

    • Decorator

    • Facade

    • Proxy

    • Flyweight

  • Conclusion